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Jan 23, 2013 11:00pm PST
to dismantel the argument. i think the president is throwing your own words back in your face without naming you. passive al gretion. that's what he is using. passive aggression. this argument as a straw man. i could have sworn i heard a politician make that exact statement. >> we could become a society where the americans are not takers versus markers. we need more makers and less takers in america. [ laughter ] >> jon: so to be fair you don't want too many makers it's a whole other problem. seriously have you been on etsy? it's all we get it, you have a glue gun, okay! slam! look, you can't say the takers argument wasn't a part of your campaign congressman ryan. this is looking less like a man made of straw and more like a man made of tie titanium. really three 20 minute workouts a week. that's all -- i don't buy that for a second. how did obama mischaracterize the makers/takers argument? >> no one is suggesting what we call the earned entitlements like payroll taxes for medicare and social security are putting you in a taker category. no one suggests that whatsoever. >> jon: when you were
Jan 27, 2013 3:30pm PST
to dismantel an existing team because they don't have enough disabled students to field a comparable team. >> we have been age to create one or two teams per school district, you're not going to find enough students in one school to necessarily start a team. >> push. push for the basket. >> reporter: adam mcwork, an eighth grader, has cerebral palsy, he lives outside atlanta, an area that has been successfully mainstreaming disabled students in sports for years. >> yes, sir. he used a walker to get around with and we didn't think that sports was something that he could do at all. >> reporter: now, he stands like every proud dad on the sidelines. >> my son scored his first goal in the final game, so excited about that the gym was so loud. we'd good time. shoot it, baby. >> reporter: something more families across the country may soon experience. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: rehema ellis you nbc news, new york. >>> when nightly news continues on this sunday, your money and the fees that merchants can now charge when you pay by credit card. >>> later, the golden age club, friends for years pull
Jan 8, 2013 11:00pm PST
, dismantel it and let other things do their part as we go forward. in iraq we did that for several years and we were remarkably effective, excuse me, we were remarkably lethal, we were, we got up in 2006 to 300 raids a month. ten a night. just extraordinary. but it really wasn't until the other part of emm5 or the mission the counterinsurgency part holding terrain that our operations really started to have their full effect. before that we would do things but we were back. when we had the complementary effort of conventional forces and other government agencies -- >> rose: that includes petraeus and the surge as well as the awakening. >> that's correct. >> rose: all of those things. >> and also some better diplomatic things. ryan -- all those pieces. suddenly what we did made a big difference strategically. >> rose: so you had, because what i'm interested in is when you got to afghanistan, you had the basic fundamental ideas you thought were necessary but you seemed to have built on them and you realized at some point and maybe this was in iraq but you can't kill all the terrorists an
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11 (some duplicates have been removed)